The Light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Narrative and Despair of American White Supremacy

The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Narrative and Despair of American White Supremacy

I’m deeply saddened by what’s going on in our contemporary society: the reemergence and violence of White supremacist groups and hate groups, especially in Charlottesville, Virginia. The level of human despair and quest for hope has heightened in our culture. Hope grounded in hate not love and false human identity is no hope at all. It can never cure the deep wound in our hearts and bridge the walls that divides us as bearers of the Imago Dei.

Human hatred and the idea that a particular race is the apex of human history and universal civilization, articulated through the right of free speech, demonstration, and expression, defeat (American) democratic values that promote human justice, love, interdependence, and equality among all people, ethnicity, and races.

For those of us who are true followers of Jesus, we must resist this form of human arrogance and dispell this present (racial and cultural) darkness in our contemporary society and culture with the light of the Gospel and the love of God in Christ Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

Just like any other human sins, white supremacy is a form of human depravity that belittles the significance of the image of God in other races and boldly contradicts the gospel of Christ that calls people from all nations, people groups, ethnic groups, and all human races to form a new human race in Christ and to follow the Jesus Way of life.

The Burning Torch of White Supremacists in our society  is a false light and of the devil.  Jesus Christ is the true Light of humanity and culture. His followers must shine brightly in deep corners of cultural contradicrions and misconceptions and human darkness.

The light of the Gospel of God in Christ Jesus contradicts the narrative, message, and arrogance of American White Supremacists. Biblical Christianity has no room for human hatred, retaliation, and darkness.

Followers of Jesus must not embrace White supremacy, promote its message, and support its ideals. It is the Antithesis of the Gospel.  The Gospel is the power of God that interrogates all human sins, arrogance, and pride; its transformative power lies in the disruptive and liberative love and peace of God.

The supremacy we should celebrate is the overarching supremacy of Christ over all things including all cosmic powers and human authorities, all spheres of influence and guilds of hegemony,  both visible and invisible, earthly and heavenly.

Let’s pray fervently for repentance, forgiveness, unity, and reconciliation in our culture.

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