God Between the Rich and the Poor

God Between the Rich and the Poor
​When the Bible talks about the liberation of the poor and the oppressed from human systems and structures of oppression and dehumanization, God is in the business to provide holistic emancipation from spiritual bondage and human forces and powers of oppression. God does not give partial liberation.

However,  the questions we should be asking include the following:

How long, Oh Lord our Peace and Deliverer will you visit the poor and deliver them from the hands of their oppressors and enemies?

How long, Oh Lord our Deliverer and Righteousness,  will you executive full justice on behalf of the weak and the dispossessed of the world?

The poor who does not know God is not safe in the hands of God as the rich who trusts in his/her riches and despises God Almighty. 

Let the poor man/woman say I’m a friend of God.

Let the rich man/woman proclaim God I know God. 

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