Life in a Small College Town Called Graceville!

Life in a Small College Town Called Graceville!

In the year 1999 or 2000, I was supposed to begin the Pre-medicine program with an emphasis in Biology at Florida Atlantic University (Boca Raton, Florida) as a transfer student, which meant I would have had two years left to complete my Baccalaureate in Biology at FAU. I postponed my admissions for personal reasons, which I will not discuss in this post.

As a result, I attended a small liberal arts Christian College (The Baptist College of Florida) in Graceville, Florida for my undergraduate degree. My graduation class of 2001 was very small.

When I was living there, the population of the town of Graceville was under 2600 people. We had one police officer, one gas station, one fast food restaurant (Hardee’s), and one grocery store: Piggy Wiggly. Although Graceville was a boring place to live and grow, the College environment was pleasant, and the people were quite calm and loving. I have enjoyed it, immensely. Graceville was indeed full of grace!

Here’s the Graduation Photo of my Class of 2001.
Can you see me?

College Graduation pic

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