How to “Think in Public”: My New Book

How to “Think in Public”: My New Book


I just submitted the 11-page Index to the publisher!
I want to throw a party. Lol
Make sure you preorder “Thinking in Public: Faith, Secular Humanism, and Development in Jacques Roumain” (Wipf and Stock, May 2017). pp. 482 + index
Among the four books I have written on Ayiti Cheri, this is perhaps my most important work on the Black Republic. It is a rigorous intellectual reflection on the conundrum of Haitian intelligentsia and bourgeoisie class, and the performative function of religion and the promise of (democratic) development in Haiti’s civil and political society. The book also makes some recommendations to what Haitian intellectuals could and should do–by working in solidarity with the Haitian masses and the underclass– to improve the human condition in Haiti.
I spent about 5 yrs working on this book. The idea of this book began in a doctoral course on Black Internationalism.
Get this book so you can save your wretched soul! LOL
Click on the link below to preorder the book:
Happy Thursday, folks!!!

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