The Betrayal of King Jesus in American Evangelical Politics and the Downfall of White American Evangelicalism

“The Betrayal of King Jesus in American Evangelical Politics and the Downfall of White American Evangelicalism”

Given the fact that  81 % White Evangelicals voted deliberately to elect  Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States shows clearly that most White American  Evangelicals are a power-hungry people in the realm of politics whose disingenuity about the Christian faith and the way of Christ, which  they claim to profess,  is publicly revealed.

They sold their soul to Caesar so they can gain direct  access to Caesar’s palace, his political power and influence, and cultural dominance. They turned away from the peaceful and reconciliatory message of King Jesus and  the Christian Gospel to please a new King, whose message is the antithesis of the Jesus Creed.

These people are the real antichrists who have betrayed their Lord who has commanded them to a higher ethical life rooted in radical love, grace,  and compassion toward the weak and the disinherited among them,  and the ministry of reconciliation, kindness, and peace.

They sold their soul for vain earthly pleasures,  temporary political correctness and satisfaction, and meaningless joys, which cannot heal the wounded spirit of the American people and their spiritual decadence.

The real antichrist is in the Evangelical circle.  The antigospel ideology dwells in the Evangelical-Caesar’s house.

*While I am ashamed to call myself an “evangelical,” I’m unapologetic to call myself simply a “follower of Christ.” That is what I am.
I do not want to be identified with American Evangelicalism and its politics of treason and political theology of conquer and subdue based on the (neo-) colonial model and imperial paradigm..

I will no longer use the epithet as a reference to my Christian identity. Just give me Jesus!



Thanks for your gracious comment. I’m in total agreement with you that our goal as Christians is to foster unity and not division. However, how can we work collaboratively toward that end if we do not diagnose the problem and recognize that we are part of the great divide and problem that characterizes contemporary American Evangelicalism and American society? How can we offer cure if we do not know the nature and implications of the disease? How can we cultivate peace and reconciliation if we ourselves are not at peace with each other?

How can we be effective witnesses of Christ in the public sphere if we deny his message by our actions and words? Like you, I believe in the comprehensive sovereignty of God and also hold that nothing in this world can take God by surprise. On the other hand, I also believe that Christianity is a way of life and that our political and social actions can have tremendous effects on people. On a different note, both on my personal website and Facebook, I have been critical of both Trump and Clinton’s presidential candidacy. In this present post, I had no intention to judge the political choice of White Evangelical Christians, but to evaluate this Evangelical preference for a Trump’s presidency against the backdrop of Christian ethics and the doctrine of God. As a follower of Christ, I mourn over the rhetoric and actions of my Evangelical brothers and sisters that deny Jesus’ ethics or way of life. If we need to save American Evangelicalism, we ought not to be afraid to do critical self-reflection. Christ himself has shown us how to walk in humility, kind, and love, and to be solidarity with those who are weak.

If you want unity and reconciliation, you have to listen to the hurt and pain of those communities and individuals who are suffering; you have to be empathetic to their fear about their future in this country.

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