Should we classify the current American Presidential Election a Third-World Class-Election?

Should we classify the current American Presidential Election a Third-World Class-Election?

Giving all the scandalous reports and misgivings, frauds, sexual scandals, deceptions, and the mismanagement of high-sensitive public and governmental data or information, this current presidential election in the United States of America reminds me of “traditional” presidential elections in Haiti and is comparable to many presidential elections in the so-called Third World. Perhaps, we are the Third World.

We have to classify this present American presidential election as a Third World class-election. The controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s stewardship of public leadership, trust, and responsibility, the Republican Party’s choice of Donald Trump’s presidential nominee, and Trump’s disregard for human dignity, justice, and human rights issues are irrefutable examples of the bankruptcy and demise of American democracy and governance.

What’s going on, folks?

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