A short note on Mass Incarceration in the U.S.

A Short Note on Mass Incarceration in the U.S.
This is appalling, folks: “The United States incarcerates more of its citizens than any other nation in the world…The U.S. prison and jail population has grown from 300, 000 to 2.3 million in the last 40 years.”
The above number exceeds the human population of seven Caribbean countries combined–including Barbados (277,821), Guadeloupe (403,750), Martinique (385,551), Saint Vincent (100,000), Grenada (109,590), Saint Kitts (46,000), and Saint Thomas (51,634). If you’re good in math, you can add a few more countries in Latin America to the list.
Is this an indication of the decline of the American society?
Why are we trying to get rid of our own citizens instead of helping them rehabilitate in society?
You see, the problem with this presidential election is that none of the two presidential candidates –Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump –is addressing this issue as a national crisis.
I have yet to hear or read a well-structured plan for prison recovery and the rehabilitation of these incarcerated men, women, and teenagers.
For more information on mass incarceration in the U.S, see http://www.eji.org/massincarceration
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