Introducing Hope Outreach Productions

Allow me to introduce Hope Outreach Productions (HOP) to you. (official page) (blog page)

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Hope Outreach Productions is an interdisciplinary, transnational, and a multilingual publishing company that publishes both academic and non academic works, fiction and non-fiction books. We are committed to enhancing the life of the mind and promoting constructive learning and understanding  through the production of good books, and through dynamic interaction  between the author, the text, and the reader. We emphasize quality production, and uphold the dignity of our authors and readers. We believe that producing quality and enduring texts involve collaborative partnership with our authors.

Subjects of particular interest include history, philosophy, religion, literature, theology, anthropology, sociology, psychology, biography, economics, gender, minority and ethnic studies, etc. HOP is currently soliciting original manuscripts for publication in the fields of  Pan Africanism, Black Diaspora Studies, Caribbean Studies, and Africana Studies. However,  book ideas from  other disciplines that could potentially contribute to human flourishing, cosmopolitanism,   transcultural dialogue,  and cross-ethnic and interracial  understanding   are strongly encouraged. We welcome manuscripts in English, French, Spanish, Creole, etc.

Our Vision and Philosophy

Hope Outreach Productions exists to respond to the dire needs to publish the works of writers, scholars, and thinkers from the Majority World, the so-called “Third World,” and to give them an intellectual venue to articulate their ideas about their world, their vision about the global world, and their assessment of the human condition through the written Word.
HOP prioritizes scholarly and non-scholarly writings that are transnational, multicultural, multilingual, and emancipative in content—from the pen of those individuals who promote and defend human dignity, and the human rights of those who live in the margins of society.
HOP affirms the value of producing quality books that could potentially be used instrumentally to foster cross-cultural collaboration and international alliance between people of different worlds, and beyond the geographical border of nationalism and the politics of culture, ethnicity, gender, and race.

The motto of Hope Outreach Productions is  articulated in this sentence: “HOP is committed to enhancing the life of the mind and the human condition through the production of good books.”

If you share our philosophy and vision of publishing, we invite you to join the journey with us by submitting your book proposal to our editor.

For all inquiries, please contact us at this email:

Submission Guidelines

Instructions on how to submit a book proposal to HOP:

1. Send a Cover letter with a working title, intended audience, and any relevant information that you think would help us in evaluating your work; for example, compare your book to similar titles, and highlight how your book will contribute distinctively to the advancement of human knowledge in your discipline or in cognate fields of study.

2. Submit Two Sample Chapters and Table of Contents, if available.

3. Provide a summary of each chapter to be included in the book.

4. Provide your Curriculum vitae and a brief summary of your qualification: previous publication (s), teaching or other experience, affiliations.

* Please do not send complete manuscript unless requested. Due to the number of proposals received, HOP will not return materials to authors. Please allow 6-8 weeks for a response.

You may email your proposal to us at (Subject: Book Proposal) or send it to our contract address below:

Hope Outreach Productions (HOP)

Attention: Editor

P. O. Box 7747

Port Saint Lucie, Fl  34985-7747

Thank you for considering HOP as your publisher.

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