“Know Your Strength: I have NO Political Aspirations”

“Know Your Strength: I have NO Political Aspirations”

I am friends with a very influential Haitian gentleman. One day, he called me on the phone to talk about the human experience in Haiti and Haitian politics, and to think about ways to change human life in Haiti.

Him: I am looking for good people like you and those with patriotic zeal for Haiti to form a political party in Haiti.

Him: Well, I have identified some key individuals in the Haitian Diaspora and in Haiti to be council members of my new political party for the future presidential election in Haiti. I want you to help me create it, and you will be my right-hand man.

Me: Please tell me more about it.

Me: I appreciate the invitation and for you to think highly of me. My contribution to improve the human condition is especially through my writing and education. After all, I am foremost an educator and a writer, and I do not have any political aspirations and any interest to participate in Haitian politics. I write about Haitian politics, but want no political role or function in Haiti.

Me: I have been sending Haitian students (especially those from poor families) to school for the past six years and organizing leadership seminars and conferences for teachers, educators, ministers, and leaders in Haiti for the past eight years. I want to continue doing that. That is my passion.

Him: Well, it’s not something that I want to start immediately. It will be in four years.

Me: I want to continue being an educator and a writer. That’s my strength. This is how I believe that I can best contribute to human flourishing in Haiti and in the world.

**This conversation took place while Jovenel Moïse was still President of Haiti.


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