“Every smile is Gold”

Happy Friday, Good People! Friday is for those who dream of a better Monday, and those who continue to make life in this world beautiful and worth living.

I worked on this new piece for three hours last night and twenty minutes this morning. I called my nightly musings “Every Smile is Gold.” Hope you’ll like it, or it will make sense to you 🙂

“Every smile is Gold”

Every smile is gold.
The warmth of your hug turns into memory,
that will stop the pain,
wiping away tears of sadness of the past.
Your shadow crosses mine,
causing love and life to knit together.
We walk side by side.
Dancing, it is true,
Screaming, it will be till the end of time.
When summer leaves fall in the gentle night,
our hearts are touched by a monarch butterfly.
We found love in the most unexpected place.

Every smile is gold.
Blue diamonds light the night,
the sun comes shining through
guiding the path for love to bright.
Crossing the oceans to be where you are,
to love you from afar.
I take ink and pencil
to sketch images to be remembered,
to draw bundle of smiles that will never fade.
I create a plot of endless joy,
inspired by the movements of your eyes.
The two of us…
building a home
always days to see
a place to call our own.

Every smile is gold.
The two of us,
to grow in maturity and fidelity,
our spirit will be the rainfall,
causing the soil of lovers’ souls to grow tall
our wisdom of old age,
sustaining peace this season of life,
where love language will make the day.
Every move your mouth to speak
lovers let your words step to the street
every lover’s passion,
hooked to your soul.
You make people see with their ears.

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