“Nations and the Practice of Human Cooperation”

“Nations and the Practice of Human Cooperation”

We will save ourselves and others from a lot of trouble and misfortune if only the developed countries would leave the developing nations in the Global South and their governments alone. By alone, I would like to convey this idea: not to interfere in their politics, way of life, and tell them how they should govern their people and live in the world. The nations of the world have their own culture, practices, and moral framework, and they often look at the other nations from their own particular lens and worldview. Political sovereignty and national autonomy of a nation are significant to help develop a sense of national pride and patriotic sensibility, and achieve a level of economic sustainability.

On the other hand, as a matter of international relations and good will diplomacy, countries should help each other in moments of political crisis, natural disasters, war, violations of human rights, etc., and they should practice the ethics of human solidarity and the politics of international cooperation. The nations of the world are not just comprised of systems and institutions to enable them to function; nations are like people who need each other to grow and flourish in the world. Nations, regardless of their economic strength, amount of wealth, and democratic governance, are like individuals who need a cooperative lift or a human booster to help explore future possibilities and achieve a strong democratic character. Nations, just like people, need each other to make the world a more liveable and welcoming place for everyone. Human beings are like plants, and the nations of the world are like trees that need water and human care to grow, develop, and flourish. We are Nations. The countries are People. Let’s practice human cooperation and mutual reciprocity.

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