“I’m Tired of RACE”

“I’m Tired of RACE”

Racial oppression is exhausting.

Reading about racial bigotry is exhausting.

Talking about racial injustice is exhausting.

Protesting racial violence is exhausting.

Challenging racial inequality is exhausting.

Opposition racist laws & policies is exhausting.

Writing about racism is exhausting.

Living a racialized life is exhausting.

Thinking about race is exhausting.

Ending racism is exhausting.

Race exhausts you and me.

***We’re tired of RACE. Race is dominion and domination. Race is control and power. Race defines you and your place in the world. Race shapes our identity and underscores our behavior and disposition. Yet we must talk about race and resist racism, and we must end racial oppression and injustice in this nation and in the world. We must create another country that is racially unbiased and another world that is post-racial. This is the only possibility in front of us in these urgent moments.

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