Rhetoric of Freedom is NOT Freedom!

Creating laws about human rights does not make any country earn the title the “champion of human rights.” It is democratic application of those laws in every segment of society and the extension of those rights to the marginalized and poor population that makes a country great.

The rhetoric of freedom is not the equivalent of practical freedom. Declarations on and Treatises on human rights do not automatically translate into experiential rights to all people and all lives. In the same vein,
equality is not the remedy to democratic bankruptcy; equality is a friend of equity, and the democratic process needs both (an equitable) system and (an equal) structure in order to be fully democratic and to uphold human dignity and rights, as well as the preservation and promotion of life.

A country cannot brag about democracy and freedom if it is unable and unwilling to secure rights and life for all of its citizens. A country is not worthy of the title a “leader in human rights” if it’s not investing in its people toward human flourishing and the common good.

To understand the context of my response, please read this article:


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