“Let’s talk about change for our country”

“Let’s talk about change for our country”

If you had the power and influence to make changes, mame three things you would like to change in your city/state/our society?
Do provide specific responses!

The three things I would like to change are:

1. Free College Tuition to families whose annual income is under $ 100, 000 and half College tuition to families whose income ranges from $ 100, 000 to $ 150, 000, annually (this is at the state level, folks; I live in Florida.)

2. Give degree-seeking students more options to pursue different degree programs by adding more degrees and majors to our four year state colleges; for example, a student should be able to earn a B.A. in English, Sociology, Philosophy, History, Psychology, etc. (this option is for every state college in the country.)

3. Make it mandatory for every high school student to learn a trade while pursuing simultaneously the high school diploma; the student will graduate both with the high school diploma and the chosen trade (this option is for every high school in the country.)

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