​A Prayer to God for Global Peace and Comfort!

A Prayer to God for Global Peace and Comfort!

Our gracious Father and living God: We lift up our hands to you and humble our hearts and minds before your holy throne. We pray for your comfort and peace on behalf of those who have been affected by the recent terrorist attacks in England, Cameroon, and other places. We pray for the families who at the moment mourn  their loved ones who have been taken away from them by the forces of evil. In the same way, we beseech you on behalf of victims of terrrorism and human violence in other parts of the world. May your radical love and transformative presence invade their hearts and souls. Give them sustaining peace and hope. Grant them doors of opportunity to dream again in the midst of despair, fear, and disappointment! 

We pray Oh loving Father that you would grant us the courage and strength to work in solidarity to resist the forces of evil and systems of oppression in this world and those that come to exploit, oppress, and destroy the weak and the poor. We know that retaliation is not an effective way to reconciliation and peace the same way the oppression and exploitation of people and weak nations lead to alienation, enmity, and fear. We pray for repentance, forgiveness, world unity, peace, and reconciliation. 

In your Name, we pray.


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