Concerning Global Imperialism, Global Capitalism, and Global Terrorism

Concerning Global Imperialism, Global Capitalism, and Global Terrorism

The bottom line about global imperialism, global capitalism, and global terrorism is that 

they benefit a selected group of influential individuals, powerful corporations and systems,  and powerful nation-states in the modern world at the expense of the consistent exploitation and abuse of the world’s poor, international workers, and the individuals, ethnic groups, and races belonging in the bottom of the social ladder.

The paradoxical aspect of global imperialism, global capitalism, and global terrorism is that they’re adequately financed by an international network of power and global forces. One of the driven motives and passions of those powerful peoples and nations, and corporations, maintaining these three forces, lie in the aggressive pursuit of more wealth, more international and crosscultural power, and more transnational leadership to rule the world and subdue people—resulting in more global poverty and hunger, more human alienation and death, more human despair and insanity, and more human degradation and oppression.

While the intricacies of global capitalism, global imperialism, and global terrorism can’t be clearly determined, we should, however, ask decisive questions to help us get a better understanding of the human nation and the politics of the nations in the twenty-first century culture. 

1. What if the violence of global imperialism and capitalism and the violence of terrorism share a few things in common?

2. Could it be possible for imperial violence and aggressive neocolonization and global capitalism to beget global terror?

3. Is global terrorism a strategic response to or a consequence of global imperial violence and global capitalism–at least in the 21st century world?

4. In the absence of global imperialism/terrorism, is it possible to have global peace in the world and for the nations to forge constructive international alliances grounded in the politics of civility, respect, friendship, and human dignity?

Retaliation is not an effective way to reconciliation and peace the same way the oppression and exploitation of people and weak nations lead to alienation, enmity, and fear.
The hope of humanity in the twenty-first century does not lie in the cleverness of secular humanism nor in the pursuit of more human techniques and scientific advancements to manipulate human relations and regulate the human boundary–while these things in themselves are of great importance to human life, they do not constitute true happiness and peace. 

God is the ultimate ground of both present and future human hope and peace.  Because God has created human beings, both male and female, for love, spiritual intimacy,  and meaningful relationship, in order for us to foster genuine peace and interractional love, as well as to sustain effective human dynamics in the modern world, human beings must be reconnected spiritually with their Creator and must live a life that focuses on a God-entranced worldview. Jesus Christ is God’s paradigm for human peace, shalom, and love.
A Prayer to God for Peace and Comfort!

Our gracious Father and living God: We lift up our hands to you and humble our hearts and minds before your holy throne. We pray for your comfort and peace on behalf of those who have been affected by the recent terrorist attacks in England, Cameroon, and other places in the world.

We pray for the families who at the moment mourn  their loved ones who have been taken away from them by the forces of evil. 

In the same way, we beseech you on behalf of victims of terrrorism and human violence in other parts of the world. 

May your radical love and transformative presence invade their hearts and souls. Give them sustaining peace and hope. Grant them doors of opportunity to dream again in the midst of despair, fear, and disappointment! 

We pray Oh loving Father that you would grant us the courage and strength to work in solidarity to resist the forces of evil and systems of oppression in this world and those that come to exploit, oppress, and destroy the weak and the poor.  We pray for repentance, forgiveness, world unity, peace, and reconciliation. 

In your Name, we pray.


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